This garage was remodeled into a yoga studio.

How You Can Remodel a Garage into a Living Space

Adding value to your home isn’t just about increasing its resale price. It can also be about making it more functional and enjoyable. To do that requires taking stock of which parts of your home are under-utilized and what features are missing that will enhance your lifestyle. Usually, the most neglected area of our homes […]

Learn how to modernize an old home like this one with our tips.

How to Modernize an Old Home: 6 Effective Renovation Tips

There’s nothing quite like the charm of an old home. From quaint craftsman gems to mid-century modern masterpieces, vintage homes have a style that can only be mimicked. Unfortunately, they can also lack the convenience and safety only modern amenities can provide. But with a little time and effort, these houses can be upgraded to […]

A gorgeous kitchen island with a built-in sink and bar seats.

4 Kitchen Island Ideas to Make It Your New Favorite Place

If you’re anything like us, the kitchen is probably the center of your home. It’s where you prepare food, eat, gather, and entertain the most. Yet, many people overlook their kitchen when they think of new design ideas for their homes. In particular, the kitchen island often possesses the most potential to improve how much […]

A gorgeous marble backsplash in a contemporary kitchen

5 Gorgeous Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Liven up Your Home

When you remodel your kitchen, one detail that deserves a bit of extra time is the backsplash. This part of the kitchen can be as functional as it is aesthetic. Not only does it protect your wall while preparing food, but it can also quickly add extra style to any kitchen For that reason, we’ve […]

Gorgeous bathroom with accessible shower and grab bar

Checklist for Stunning Aging-in-Place Bathroom Designs

You love your home, and it’s the place you plan to settle for life. But as you age, certain areas will become more difficult to manage –especially your bathroom. Aging-in-place bathroom designs will make every part of your space accessible despite any physical limitations. We’ve created this checklist to help you design a bathroom that is not only […]

Beautiful concrete flooring inside a home

Alternative Flooring Ideas for Your Next Remodel

New flooring is a perfect final touch on any remodel. Carpet and tile are classic choices, but new alternative flooring ideas can make your home truly stand out. There have never been more types of flooring to choose from, from sustainable options to luxury styles. In this post we’ll talk about three of our favorite […]

luxury bathroom redesign - remodeling projects that increase home value

4 Remodeling Projects that Increase Home Value

When you decide to undertake a remodeling project, your primary goal will probably be to increase the beauty or utility of whatever space you are improving. Your family’s needs may be shifting in a way that necessitates a home-improvement project, or maybe it is simply time to upgrade a home you have lived in for […]

luxury kitchen with new cabinets and slate floor

5 Professional Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking to spruce up your kitchen cabinets? Consider painting them! You might already be scrolling through our Pinterest for beautiful remodeling ideas. But if you’re on a tight budget, opting for painting is an excellent idea. With the right cabinet color, you can transform your kitchen and have it speak volumes when guests […]

Fancy Small Bathroom Remodel

How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

One of the most common problems that almost all homeowners encounter is the lack of space. They want to know how to make the most of the space they have so that their family will be able to enjoy the things they like without creating a cluttered environment. In many rooms, this is getting easier. […]