5 Modern Kitchen Countertop Options

Kitchen countertops are often desired to be more than just a work station or place to eat. Countertops are a reflection of you and your home, so it is only expected that they are beautiful, durable showpieces with space for utility and decoration. If you are planning a kitchen remodel, consider these 5 modern kitchen countertop options for your Portland abode.


This material is all the rage for counters. Realtors who are hungry for a sale have dreams about granite counters and recessed lighting. Granite counters are spectacular to look at, they positively gleam in the light. You won’t ever have to worry about placing a blazing hot pan on these stone surfaces, and you get to choose from at least 3000 different looks. Since the price of granite seems to be coming down, this option is becoming more and more popular.


Corian is a hard-surface material created by DuPont which is resistant to stains and scratches, and comes in a wide range of colors. While many prefer white counters, you can opt for fire-engine red, black, or nearly any color or pattern you can imagine. Our creative Portland, Oregon clients find so many ways to re-create the modern kitchen with Corian.


Ceramics have been used for kitchen counters for years, but the great thing is that modern designs can be applied to this most ancient art. If you can think up a design, or have one that you like, a tiler can make your vision a reality. Ceramic is also highly durable, stain resistant, and can withstand high temperatures.


Yes, concrete is a fantastic modern addition to the kitchen. When polished, concrete looks great in a kitchen. To add a unique touch, you might consider staining the surface with an interesting design, or using a solid color. Concrete can also be molded to create recessed areas near the sink or elsewhere. In fact, you might have a single piece of concrete comprise your counter and sink.

Wood or Metal

Modern kitchen designers are using woods as varied as bamboo (ok, it’s a grass, but it looks wooden!), cork, and mahogany for the countertops. Here in the Pacific Northwest, you may be able to reclaim old Doug Fir to create a unique look in your modern kitchen. Wood gives the kitchen a classic look, but is subject to scratches and may need extra attention when it comes time to clean up. Others are electing to go for bronze, copper, zinc, and steel. Metal is a great choice for those who love a sleek, industrial look in the kitchen. Plus, they clean up very well and are known for repelling bacteria. Note that metal surfaces will need to be polished regularly and might create more work than you bargained for, but the aesthetic payoff is worth it for many.

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