Checklist for Stunning Aging-in-Place Bathroom Designs

You love your home, and it’s the place you plan to settle for life. But as you age, certain areas will become more difficult to manage –especially your bathroom. Aging-in-place bathroom designs will make every part of your space accessible despite any physical limitations. We’ve created this checklist to help you design a bathroom that is not only stunning for today, but which will also serve you well for decades down the road.

Aging-in-Place Shower & Tub Tips

The bathtub is key to any aging-in-place remodel. Since so many accidents occur in the tub, it is vital that you address this spot first. Consider the following aging-in-place bathroom designs:

  • Handrails are vital –and they don’t need to be boring. You can find elegant-looking handrails that will be functional and provide added safety for you today and into the future.
  • Add a seat to the shower or tub. Consult with you contractor to build a seat where you can safely bathe without worrying about falls or unneeded fatigue. You may even find good use for the seat on those days when you’re sore from jogging or conquering the world.
  • When you remodel the bathroom, consider eliminating your traditional tub. Most tubs are difficult to enter and exit, whereas showers and walk-in tubs are much more friendly as we age or for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Build your shower stall with a tile floor that is a mosaic of smaller tiles so that you will have more friction. This is always a smart idea, as it will help reduce the risk of a slip and fall.
  • When selecting your shower fixtures, think simple. A single handle water valve will be easy to manage, and you will also want to opt for a showerhead that features a hand-held attachment. This will help make your showers easier and more thorough than constantly moving around to catch a static stream.

Aging-in-Place General Bathroom Tips

The rest of your aging-in-place bathroom designs can be improved as well. Helpful tips include:

  • Widen the bathroom door. This will make it much easier to enter and exit without bumping into the door frame, and will also allow wheelchairs to enter or exit with ease.
  • Install two different sink heights. Especially for wheelchair users or young children, a lower sink height will be much more functional and safe.
  • Choose cabinets with glass doors. This will make it easy to find whatever you need without having to open every cabinet.
  • Install plenty of lighting in both the bathroom and in the hallway leading to the bathroom. Multiple sources of light will reduce the individual intensity needed per light, which is much easier on the eyes. Hallway lighting will also make nighttime trips to the restroom safer.
  • Consider installing non-stick flooring solutions. Textured vinyl and tile are excellent and attractive options. Reflooring your bathroom will also present the opportunity to install heating, which will also make your bathroom much more comfortable.


Aging-in-place design schemes should be smart, stylish, and functional. Once you are finished with your bathroom, start looking at other areas of the house that could use retrofitting. Also be sure to contact a professional Portland remodeling company that specializes in Aging-in-Place design, such as Square Deal Remodeling.