Bathroom Remodels Add Value to Portland Homes

blue bathroom remodelNearly 35 percent of Portland’s homes were built before 1940. The Northeast (52%) and the Southeast (47%) subareas have an even greater share of these older homes. So chances are highly like that you or a home owner you know in Portland has an older home that may need some sort of upgrades.  Neglect, water damage, wear-&-tear, and lack of ease of use for today’s needs all lead to contemplating some serious remodeling projects. One room, in particular, can actually add value to your home and give you an attractive return on investment for the upgrades you put into it: the bathroom.

Many people don’t know the average cost of a bathroom remodel is $19,000. This figure is for mid-range bathrooms in the Pacific Region, as of the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report.  However, 92% of that cost can be recouped in the 1st year, based on the sellable value a bathroom remodel adds to the home.  Even if you’re not planning on selling your home any time soon, there are many additional benefits to remodeling your bathroom.

bathroom vanity remodel

The value-add comes in the form of more functional space, more efficient fixtures, and a better look and feel. This last one is more intangible but it certainly makes a huge difference to love the space you’re in, rather than feel nothing when you walk into it {or worse yet, to loathe it as many of our clients do when they come to us}.  It’s obvious that water saving plumbing fixtures can give you some savings in your water bill as well as being more friendly to our water supply sources. But it’s not so well known that you can often receive rebates from local, state and federal governments for installing more efficient fixtures – that’s a real added bonus for taking on a bathroom remodel!

Another major area bathrooms can give added value is transforming them for universal design aesthetic. Many people who would like to age-in-place are remodeling their bathrooms to accommodate this wonderful option. And some folks are choosing universal design elements decades before they’re likely need to them simply because they prefer how it looks and functions. This includes no-threshold showers, taller toilet installations, and “floating” vanities that are open below.

tan bathroom remodel

Whether you have a vintage home in need of a serious bathroom overhaul, or you just need some cosmetic upgrades, your bathroom is one of the best overall values for remodeling in your home.  There are many methods you can use to get the most out of your bathroom remodel, so be sure to engage an experienced designer & contractor to help get you there.