Budgeting Tips: Bottom Line & Custom Home Remodeling

Remodeling a Portland bungalow is an exciting adventure. New counters, floors, bathrooms, and kitchens await. It is easy to get very excited when looking over all of the possibilities. As they say, sometimes our eyes can get bigger than our stomachs, and we can lose track of what our budget allows. However, when we take a little time to assess the full job, we can find ways to budget so that we can get what we want without too many sacrifices. This post will help you with a selection of tips for budgeting your custom home remodel.


A key part of budgeting is prioritizing the most important aspects of the job. If your bathrooms particularly need help, take a look at exactly what needs to be done first. Many bathrooms need flooring due to years of bathtub splashes. On the other hands, bathrooms may be facing years of splashes from newborns, toddlers, and younger children who are learning how to bathe without leaving a puddle. The idea here is to assess your present and future needs and make sure the most critical parts of the home are remodeled first. If you are considering selling your home now or in the future, keep in mind that the key selling points of any home are the kitchens and bathrooms.


There are a wide range of materials available for every aspect of your home remodel. Your Portland remodeling expert will be happy to discuss these with you. As you survey the possibilities, keep in mind what is most important for you. If you have a set budget, would you rather, for instance, have high-end floors but lower-grade countertops? You could opt for simpler, less expensive lighting but then get window treatments that will cost a little more today, but which will save you money on power bills.

Safety, Comfort & Efficiency

If you want to remodel your entire home but don’t quite have a budget for that, sit down and consider what must be done today. Are there parts of the home which are costing you money or that are so worn out as to create a safety issue? Is there some aspect of the home that positively drives you batty? If any of this rings a bell for you, prioritize those jobs first. You want to live in a safe, comfortable, and efficient home. Thus, work in that order – fix all of the parts that may cause your safety to come into question. Then, address your overall comfort. Finally, make the home as efficient as possible. Naturally, these are only suggestions and you may prioritize efficiency over comfort.

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