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luxury bathroom redesign - remodeling projects that increase home value

4 Remodeling Projects that Increase Home Value

When you decide to undertake a remodeling project, your primary goal will probably be to increase the beauty or utility of whatever space you are improving. Your family’s needs may be shifting in a way that necessitates a home-improvement project, or maybe it is simply time to upgrade a home you have lived in for […]

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Remodeling For Retirement

Planning for and changing a living space to better accommodate the later years of life can be challenging. The search for appropriate living spaces that allow retirees to live safely and comfortably is one of the key challenges as retirement nears. For many baby boomers today the search is on for homes, condos or apartments […]

Best time to remodel a home

When to consider Remodeling your Portland Home

With home values continuing a steady albeit slow uptick and the economy holding steady, homeowners are becoming more comfortable with adding value to their home through home remodeling.  Whether it is a small upgrade or a large addition we are seeing more and more clients entering the world of remodeling and at least exploring options that […]