Houzz Survey: Renovations On the Rise in 2013

Houzz SurveyIf you’re spending time on Pinterest looking for remodeling ideas, you should give Houzz (www.houzz.com) a go. While Pinterest is a social media photo site that encompasses a  broad range of interests, Houzz zeroes in on homes and decor and can offer a wealth of re-decorating and remodeling.

Even if you’re not planning to renovate your house any time soon, Houzz boasts more than 1 million photos from top designers and contractors to provide inspiration for weeks. (Tip: Try to set aside time to browse Houzz.com; like most social media sites, it can be potently addictive and entertaining.) Unlike most of these sites, however, Houzz.com isn’t necessarily a complete waste of time. You will likely find ideas and possibly even solutions to tricky remodeling problems.

The fan club for Houzz has grown exponentially in the past year, boasting millions of hits from web users all over the world. Last month, Houzz conducted a survey of 100,000 of its users and found some surprising information. Despite our currently challenging economic climate, home renovations worldwide are on the rise, increasing 12 percent compared to last year.

Also, 8 percent fewer respondents than last year said they were delaying home renovation projects due to the economy. Eighty-four percent said they planned to decorate or re-decorate, 40 percent said they plan to remodel or build an addition, and 10 percent plan to build a custom home.

It seems we’re either coming out of the Great Recession or most people have just decided that they’re not going to wait around for things to get better before taking steps to improve their surroundings.

The good news for those of us on the West Coast? We lead the nation in confidence about home renovations. In fact, the survey reported that Portland residents “have the highest percentage of respondents who believe now is a good time to renovate.”

Below are some key findings about West Coast home owners who do plan to remodel in 2013:

– 84% want to improve the look, feel, flow and layout of their homes;
– 54% want to increase home value;
– 57% want to upgrade the features and appliances in their home;
– 43% want to improve organization and storage;
– 36% want to increase energy efficiency; and
– 20% want to incorporate new technologies for their home.

Not surprisingly, most people base their decision to hire a remodeling professional on “good reviews and recommendations” (81%), followed by “expert in their field” (70%), “personality I can work with” (67%), and “completed projects like mine” (59%). Only 8% chose their remodeling professional based on price.

To read more results of the survey download it as a PDF here.