How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

One of the most common problems that almost all homeowners encounter is the lack of space. They want to know how to make the most of the space they have so that their family will be able to enjoy the things they like without creating a cluttered environment.

In many rooms, this is getting easier. For instance, new developments in electronics render old bulky devices obsolete. However, small bathrooms still pose a challenge to homeowners who desire both utility and style. The good news is that they can have both.

In this blog post, we will cover 3 tips on how to maximize space in a small bathroom:

  • Design a Sense of Space
  • Wall Mount Sinks
  • High Cabinets & Shelves

Design a Sense of Space

To create the illusion of space, many simply redecorate their small bathrooms.

A lighter coat of paint and a piece of art that evokes feelings of home and appreciation can go a long way towards creating this illusion. This is especially the case in half-bathrooms that may have been wedged into a main floor in a remodel.

Another way to open up the small bath is to allow in light. For instance, installing a window can provide extra light and help with ventilation. You can also install glass blocks in the exterior or interior walls to allow light to pass into the bath without sacrificing any privacy.

Glass shower doors can also add depth of field necessary to evoke a sense of space. Make sure to keep the glass clean and streak-free, so that the eye is not distracted by the presence of the actual barrier there.

Wall Mount Sinks

Installing a wall mount sink is a practical solution for homes that don’t have much space available.

Wall mount sinks are elegant and modern hardware that are specifically designed to fit in smaller areas. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and are perfect for DIY projects.

If you’re considering a DIY bathroom remodel, read our blog on the basics of home plumbing.

High Cabinets & Shelves

Look to adding high cabinets and shelves above the toilet and vanity area for your toiletries and other belongings.

Being by taking measurements to see what is feasible. You can consider hanging baskets that can handle extra towels, lesser-used toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

Many bathrooms can also maximize space by utilizing the back of the bathroom door. There are many solutions available that allow you to hang small baskets or other storage containers from the door.

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