How to Thoughtfully Plan Your Aging in Place Kitchen Design

Many people are not familiar with the term “aging in place”. What it means is that the current home in which you live in will be the home where you live out your life. Essentially, aging with your home.

If this a route you plan on taking, it is important to keep in mind a few things. Your home will need to be outfitted not only for today’s needs but also your future needs. For that reason, you’ll want to approach an aging in place kitchen design with care and thought.

This post focuses on 3 design elements for an aging in place kitchen:

  • Space
  • Appliances
  • Kitchen sink



Your aging in place kitchen will benefit from all the space your home can support. Having enough space to move around now and in the future will make life easier. You will want to think about how you navigate your kitchen and how much room there is when appliances or cabinets are opened.

If you’ve been considering adding an island to your current kitchen, consider making it mobile. Adding wheels to an island will make entertaining easy and fun for the time being. As you age, you will appreciate being able to move the island around to help make room in your kitchen to make it more easily accessible.



Go ahead and pick appliances that can be used well into old age. When choosing your appliances, think about what it is like to open and close them. The weight of appliance doors is also something you should pay attention to.

The biggest appliance decision you’ll make is a refrigerator. When shopping, open, close, and pretend to put groceries in it. This will help you determine what will be the best option for you now and later. Will you be able to bend down to access a freezer or be able to reach the high shelves in a side by side? These are great questions to ask yourself before you choose!

Consider a wall oven for the easiest access. These units are raised a bit, so you won’t have to lean over too far to retrieve your Thanksgiving turkey, and they are still low enough that you won’t have to do an awkward balancing act when you take out that perfect birthday cake.

Even your stove top can be outfitted for aging-in-place designs. An induction unit will be easier, and safer to use, than a typical coil or gas range. Induction stoves are also more energy-efficient and cook food faster than gas or standard electric models. This style of stove is perfect for your home now and in the future!


Kitchen Sink

People probably spend more time at the kitchen sink than any other place in the kitchen. When you design a kitchen for aging in place, make sure the sink is easily accessible. You might want to consider installing a sunken sink, so as you age it doesn’t feel like a burden to use.

The faucet is another great place to consider aging in place design. Installing a faucet with lever handles will make it easier to use. You will also be able to control the temperature of the water with ease!  

Remember to think about how deep your sink will sit. You do not want it to be too far back, making it harder to reach as you age. Farmhouse sinks are a great example of this!


If you know your current home is the one you want to grow old in, consider remodeling with an aging in place design. Doing so now will help reduce stress and tough decisions in the future. Square Deal Remodeling will gladly provide design ideas and insights. Give us a call today and let’s see how we can set you up for the future!