Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with a Green Home Remodel

More and more people are taking proactive steps to reducing their impact on the environment, so why not consider a green home remodel?

If we compare the products in our cabinets to those of 30 years ago, we’ll likely see that those old goods were not so good. We might be appalled to think of the impact they had. In construction, two clear examples of how we have changed are asbestos insulation and lead-based paints, both of which would never be used today.

These days, homeowners who seek a green home remodel are eager to learn about new materials that will make their homes more energy efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective in the long run.

Cool Off with Metal Roofing

Start at the top when you are looking to improve your home’s efficiency.

If your roof is aged, consider replacing it with more environmentally-friendly materials. One of the best solutions is a metal roof. These come in a wide range of colors and styles, so they are very good-looking.

Plus, a metal roof will reflect the sunlight away from your home. If you plan on renovating your attic into living space, you will thank yourself when its time to cool the space come summertime. Though a metal roof is a bit more expensive than the standard asphalt shingles, it will last much longer and save you money on every electric bill.

The Versatility of Hempcrete

Hempcrete is a strong building material that can be used for wall insulation, walls, floors, roofs, and more.

Hempcrete is carbon negative, meaning that it can trap carbon in its fibers for at least 20 years. On top of being amazingly efficient in decreasing your home’s carbon footprint, it can regulate both moisture and temperature in the home.

Consider hemp insulation. If you have a damp basement in need of renovation, consider insulating with hempcrete and see how well it regulates the usual basement moisture, and how easy it is to heat the space in the winter. Though this product is still coming into the market, it is available to us in the Pacific Northwest.

Tankless Water Heater

One easy way to start a green home remodel is with a tankless water heater.

Normal water heaters perpetually operate to keep water hot, so it is ready to use. A tankless heater instantly heats the water when you need it. Therefore, you never have to keep water hot while you are at work or on vacation. In fact, a tankless heater is 22% more energy efficient than a standard unit. Tankless water heaters are easy to install and will save your gas or electric bill for years and years.

Energy Efficient Windows

One easy way to reduce energy usage is to replace your old windows with new, energy-star rated units.

Energy efficient windows will keep cool air inside and some even block radiant heat on sunny days. The seals around these windows will be renewed in the installation, ensuring that your home will maintain efficiency all year long.

About Square Deal Remodeling

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