Remodeling Home Entertaining Spaces For A Modern Aesthetic

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Portlanders love to entertain. This is a social city and when you purchase a home, you want to fill it with friends and good memories. If you’re like many new homeowners in the area, you might find that your home requires some renovations for a modern aesthetic, including a modern formal dining room and an open floor plan kitchen. This post is all about bringing a modern aesthetic to your entertaining spaces. We’ll discuss:

  • Homeowners Want More Entertaining Areas
  • Modern Spin on a Formal Dining Room
  • Benefits of an Open Floor Plan Kitchen

Homeowners Want More Entertaining Areas

These days, homeowners are looking for more options for entertaining. While most remodels center around kitchens and bathrooms, many people look to create modern spaces that speak to their tastes, including a modern formal dining room. Another entertaining space that may need an update is a basement.

A modern formal dining room can include modern lighting, such as recessed “cans” on dimmer switches for a relaxed mood. Track LED lights can be used for indirect lighting for the room at large, but they can also spotlight your cherished artwork or a cabinet full of the family china. Your guests are sure to be impressed and your dinner parties will be a hit!

To make a basement fully functional as an entertaining space, consider raising the ceiling. Your local contractor is the best person to consult, as each house is unique. Along the way, you can create a private entryway for your guests, and lots of windows will help bring light to your gathering spaces. Not only will your guests love this, but your home value will see a rise with updates to a dining room or a basement area.

A ‘Modern’ Formal Dining Room

Formal dining rooms don’t exactly associate with modernity or contemporary living. However, you can update the lighting for a modern spin on a formal dining room. Not only will the room take on a chic, urban look, but the right fixtures will help you save money on your power bill. LED lights and dimmer switches both are energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Other ideas include installing a full wet bar or installing built-in cabinets that can double as a buffet service. Contemporary designers are creating cabinets that will, at first glance, look like a smooth wall. However, you can use them to store dishes, glasses, or special kitchen appliances you only use for special occasions, and if you’re an entertainer, it’s an excellent place for a bar.

These items are sure to impress your friends and add functionality to a room that was previously used primarily for sitting and eating.

Benefits Of An Open Floor Plan Kitchen

Nothing says modern more than an open floor plan kitchen. These have evolved over the past few years to maximize the usable square footage of homes. They also facilitate entertaining by offering guests more room to mingle, chat, and enjoy your home.

Indoor kitchen entertaining ideas include using your counters as buffets for hors-d’oeuvres, and you’ll instantly have a full-service bar when guests can freely roam into the kitchen for a refresher.

Square Deal Remodeling Knows Modern Entertaining Areas

Square Deal remodels homes throughout Portland and the Metro area. We know modern entertaining areas and will finish your formal dining room, basement, or home addition to meet the most refined contemporary standard. Call us today at: 503-254-4156 or email us We can’t wait to get started!