Stylish Kitchen Cabinet Features

A kitchen remodel is never complete without adorning the cabinets with features that scream style and functionality. You can go with sleek and modern or opt for a more rustic approach. First and foremost, you will want to consider your personal style, how you like to work in your kitchen, and the needs of your family, especially the very little ones. We’ve seen so many different approaches to cabinetry that we’ve come up with a few ideas for you to consider as you plan and budget your kitchen remodel.

Handles and Pulls

Handles and pulls are among the top things people think about when approaching their cabinets. If you are upgrading your existing cabinetry, changing out the handles and pulls is an easy way to freshen up your kitchen. You can shop around the hardware stores for new items, or you might peruse reclaimed hardware sellers for classic options. You may even find the most modern hardware in an used shop. One interesting option we saw recently was hand-made leather cabinet pulls. With just a little use, we know those would give your kitchen a unique, slightly rustic, appeal.


You can also decorate your cabinets with unique hinges. These days, we find that a lot of customers like the soft-closing variety. With these, you only need to push the cabinet door in the direction of a closed position and it will softly close itself. You can’t possibly slam your cabinets with these hinges in place. You can even purchase add-ons if you are happy with the look of your existing hinges.

Paint and Stain

One fun way to add new features to your old cabinets is with a clever new paint job. You can add a style and fun to your cabinets simply with different shades of the same color. If you paint the outer perimeter of the cabinet with a darker color and then use a lighter shade on the interior, you will add depth and interest to your cabinets. If you’d rather strip down the cabinets and stain them, look for a stain that best suits the look you want in the kitchen. Nothing beats going with all-white in the kitchen and this approach will work best when your walls are also a lighter color. If your counters are darker, the high contrast will give an interesting visual effect, so decide if this is exactly what you are looking for.

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