Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2016

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting adventure. After all, the kitchen is so often the heart of the home and so needs to be both a warm and inviting place, as well as conveying a modern sensibility. There are so many options to consider, from cabinets and floors to counters and appliances. Then, there’s the issue of whether you want to go ″green″ in your kitchen, or where you would like to consider that avenue. To prepare for the coming year, we have rounded up 5 kitchen trends for 2016.

1. Natural, flush-to-ceiling cabinets

Why haven’t we always done this? When your cabinets reach the ceiling, you don’t have to dust atop them and you create extra storage space. When you use natural wood, you can sand, stain, paint, or take nearly any road you choose. Bamboo is also an exciting, sustainable option for cabinetry that fits with green values.

2. Fireplaces or Wood Stoves

There is no better way to bring a rustic, homey flair to a kitchen than by including a fireplace. Optionally, you can retrofit your kitchen with a smaller wood stove. Imagine the warmth and delight a small fire can bring to a kitchen.

3. Open Cabinets

Essentially, these are shelves where you can place your more commonly-used items. Your daily china and glassware can be neatly stacked in this open arrangement, offering more interest for the eye, and added functionality. Without cabinet doors to swing open, you can reach your favorite mug with ease.

4. Built-In’s

Ever want a permanent wet bar or dry bar? How about a butler’s pantry? Nowadays people are working from home more than ever, so perhaps a built-in desk would be a great place to work. When it comes time to entertainment, clear off the desk and use the tabletop as a buffet.

5. Charging Stations

Everyone has a device to charge these days, so modern kitchens are including space where the whole family, and guests, can change their phones, computers, and tablets. With a handy charging station, you can consult online recipe websites, respond to emails, and play your favorite online games while waiting for the oven to reach its proper temperature.

2016 will be a great year for kitchen remodeling. Each year it seems that technologies and fashions reinvent, conjoin, and progress into new forms that continue to delight and inspire homeowners. As you approach the new year and your upcoming remodeling plans, study the new options, but keep an eye on what has come before. Of course, keep the practical needs of your family at the forefront. After all, the kitchen should be a working place, in addition to a beautiful space.

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