4 Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Completely Revamp Your Look

Kitchen with dark cabinets and warm wood accents.

It’s an understatement to say that there are millions of cabinets to choose from for your home. Style, color, shape, size –anything is customizable. And here at Square Deal, we work with the top cabinet manufacturers to create a kitchen cabinet solution built specifically for your home.

That can feel overwhelming when planning a kitchen remodel, but don’t fret! These 4 kitchen cabinet styles will make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

In this post we’ll look at the following kitchen cabinet styles:

  • Modern Kitchen Cabinets
  • Dark Kitchen Cabinets
  • Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors
  • Aging-in-Place Kitchen Cabinets


Modern Kitchen Cabinets

A touch of modern can spruce up any style of home. Modern kitchen cabinets are designed to be simple with few embellishments, often featuring sleek stainless steel handles and flat surfaces.

For kitchens that are mostly white, a saturated tone of wood will bring a fresh pop of color to your space. Or conversely, a glossy white kitchen cabinet system is clean and appealing while allowing other parts of your space to stand out.


Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Most kitchen cabinets are light in tone, such as pale woods or white paint. For a dramatic look, try flipping the norm.

Dark kitchen cabinets offer a sophisticated and mature style that is balanced perfectly witch crisp white sinks, countertops, or appliances. Dark wood is a gorgeous choice along with near-black or deep charcoal matte paints. Although it might be difficult to make such a radical change, avoid choosing too light of a color. You won’t regret it.


Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

One of our top kitchen cabinet styles actually isn’t a color or shape, but rather their absence. Glass kitchen cabinet doors offer a completely transparent view of your beautiful dishes, glasses, and appliances.

Glass kitchen cabinet doors help avoid the struggle of figuring out where certain kitchen items live, which is especially useful for guests or those who have trouble reaching their cabinets. Your glass can encompass the entire frame of the door or only partial slivers. And for added aesthetic, you can also opt for frosted glass to slightly obscure your cabinets’ contents.


Aging-in-Place Kitchen Cabinets

No, Aging-in-Place cabinets are not only for the elderly. In fact, Aging-in-Place design principles are intended to make everyday objects easier to use for everyone, including children and persons with disabilities. That’s why Aging-in-Place kitchen cabinets are an excellent consideration for your next remodel.

Aging-in-Place kitchen cabinets are often placed lower or even below the countertop. For cabinets lower than the countertop, pull-out styles are most convenient to access. A pantry, for example, could combine shelving along with clearly labeled pull-out drawers. Aging-in-Place kitchen cabinets also feature easy to use handles and doors that don’t slam shut.


Need more kitchen inspiration for your next remodel? Click through our kitchen remodel portfolio. And if you’re home is ready for a remodel, contact our Portland remodeling experts for all the information you need.