5 Gorgeous Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Liven up Your Home

When you remodel your kitchen, one detail that deserves a bit of extra time is the backsplash. This part of the kitchen can be as functional as it is aesthetic. Not only does it protect your wall while preparing food, but it can also quickly add extra style to any kitchen

For that reason, we’ve come up with 5 gorgeous kitchen backsplash ideas that are sure to liven up your home.


1. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Backsplash

Especially in contemporary or craftsman style homes, a reclaimed wood kitchen backsplash is a stunning addition to any kitchen. The reclaimed wood can either be cut into smaller pieces to create a geometric pattern or simply laid flat for a clean modern appeal.

You’ll also want to consider the grain of the wood as well as the stain for your kitchen backsplash. Walnut will provide an even grain that can be stained a variety of colors, whereas rosewood provides a dark and gorgeous grain that you’ll want to preserve with neutral stains. But no matter what variety you choose, your reclaimed wood will bring its own history to your home.


2. Chalkboard Paint Kitchen Backsplash

Chalkboard paint continues to be a fun and popular choice for homes, and it truly shines in a kitchen. A chalkboard paint kitchen backsplash can contain everything from grocery lists and recipes to seasonal patterns and modern designs. Especially if you or a family member is a talented calligrapher, you’ll love the simple flexibility.


3. Marble Kitchen Backsplash

Marble is a stunning and intricate material that is making a strong comeback. A marble kitchen backsplash will add a quick dramatic flair to modern or contemporary homes. To preserve the clean and impactful appeal (and avoid feeling too dated), consider adding darker elements to your kitchen such as black stainless steel appliances or dark cabinetry. This is a great idea if you’re considering a full kitchen remodel.

One word of warning, however: make sure that your marble selection is rated for a wet location. Some varieties do not tolerate moisture well, so be sure to contact a local kitchen remodeler first.


4. Glossy Black Penny Round Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Darker tones will become much more popular in 2017. Alongside the unique geometric pattern of penny tile, it’s a winning combination for your kitchen backsplash. A glossy black penny round tile kitchen backsplash with contrasting white grout can add a bold statement to a bright kitchen. Or, you might also consider choosing darker paint colors for your kitchen cabinets or walls to match the backsplash.


5. Backlit Glass Backsplash

Tired of tile? A backlit glass kitchen backsplash is a sleek and simple option that will still break the mold. The glass is easy to clean, can come in a variety of tints, and can even be illuminated with LED lights for extra low-light ambiance. For an extra touch, you can choose glass that has a frosted texture or a design that matches your home.


For more inspiration, check out our kitchen remodeling portfolio and the gallery of our recent work below. When you’re ready for a complete remodel, be sure to contact your local Portland remodeling professionals at Square Deal.


A gorgeous marble backsplash in a contemporary kitchen