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I noticed in recent years some new companies around town that specialize in fast and affordable bathroom remodels. These companies often advertise a quick turnaround time and usually utilize some kind of a rubber membrane to simply cover over the old tub or shower. These systems can be less expensive than a traditional full bath remodel and, supposedly, be completed in as little as one day. This can be a great prospect for a client with only one bathroom in the house or who has limited resources or time for the project to be completed. However, covering over an old tub or shower and encasing years of possible mold, mildew, and/or water damage could make those problems worse (more on that below). Only by completely removing the old tub or shower and replacing it with a new unit can the process really be done right. Today, the options for affordable high-quality fiberglass units from manufacturers such as Best Bath are as good as ever and can be installed and ready for use in as little as one day.

Best Bath to the Rescue

shower-stall-remodelMy crew recently removed one of these membranes that had been installed only a few years prior over an old, leaky 30” x 30” tile shower pan. The rubber membrane was literally glued to the old tile surface. When we removed the rubber membrane we found the old tile shower pan underneath was soaking wet, the covering had only been a cosmetic fix and had been leaking itself. Luckily for our client, the water damage was not major and we were able to repair the floor and surrounding framing. Had the situation not been addressed, however, the homeowner would have certainly faced an expensive repair sometime in the not-too-distant future.

The solution to the problem was a new multi-piece fiberglass shower unit from Best Bath Systems. The new unit was larger than the old shower pan and featured a lower entry threshold, perfect for our retired clients who plan to stay in the home into their later years. The unit also featured plywood backing (standard on all units) on all sides of the enclosure allowing grab bars and seats to be installed in almost any configuration possible. The result was a completely new shower, safe and accessible, and a homeowner with piece of mind that it was done right.

Don’t sacrifice safety, durability, and beauty. All of our Best Bath Systems showers are manufactured in the US and are backed with a 30-year limited warranty. Learn more here.

Modern Full Bathroom RemodelInstalling Best Bath Systems

In most situations an old tub/shower can be removed in one day, and a new Best Bath unit installed the following day ready for use. In between, the plumber makes the necessary adjustments to the plumbing, moving the drain as necessary and installing a new valve if needed. By the third day, installation of trim around the unit is completed along with final inspections. In addition to the 3-day timeline, another benefit to a full shower replacement is that it can be surprisingly affordable. Best Bath units are designed for easy and fast installation, reducing labor and subcontractor expenses. Materials used to construct the units are of the highest quality, the units are easy to clean, and carry a 30-year warranty. Best of all they are all made right here in the USA.

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If you are in need of a new shower or tub you have many choices, but the last of which should be to cover over anything. Tear out that old shower or tub and replace it with a new affordable high-quality Best Bath unit that will last many years longer than any membrane covering. Contact Square Deal Remodeling today for a free estimate.