How to Choose the Perfect Contractor for a Remodeling Project

Finding the right contractor can be an overwhelming task for first-time renovators. Sometimes, people go as far as disregarding outside help out of the fear of expense and uncertainty. However, not only do you assume all liability for injuries and property damage, but you may lack the experience of finishing the job right the first time. To help out ease the selection process, here are a few guidelines for choosing the best general contractor for your next Portland remodeling job.


When you seek a general contractor, ask around Portland to see if anyone has recommendations. Personal referrals are often the best. In lieu of personal referrals, check around online. There are many websites that offer people the opportunity to post public reviews of their contractors. Read good and bad reviews about the contractors and make your best judgment.

Portland Experience

You want to find a general contractor that has a long-term history of working in the Portland area. A new general contractor is not likely to have the best network to help their needs. For instance, someone who has been in the area longer will know which electrical subcontractor does the best local work, or which plumber offers the best rates and customer service. Plus, you need someone that understands the best materials and methods for working with the rainy climate. There is no substitute for experience.

Licensed and Insured

Your contractor should always be licensed and insured. They also must be familiar with working with the city to have their permits and work approved. This way your home improvement project will be protected in case anything goes awry. You’ll also have an easier time getting work done on time. There is nothing worse than sitting around waiting for the city to approve work. When it is done right the first time, everything can proceed according to schedule.


Find a contractor who not only communicates well with you, but also maintains a professional relationship. Make sure that they are answering all of your questions prior to the initiation of the project so that everything begins on solid footing. This all begins with the initial meeting and estimate. Discuss their fees and methods to ensure that your budget can accommodate to the estimate and any possible overages.


It is also advisable to form a healthy, professional rapport to ease things as you move forward. If both parties understand one another, then everything should go smoothly through the contrator-contractee process. For example, if they are unable to receive your phone calls, the contractor will be keen to follow up in a reasonable amount of time.

At Square Deal Remodeling, our professional team of designers will help you through every step of the renovation process. We oversee every aspect of the project while keeping our clients closely involved and updated with its status. For all your remodeling needs, contact us today to schedule an appointment.