Kitchen Design & Implementation

What is Design/Build?

Design/Build refers to an all-inclusive process where designing, planning, and construction is all done in house by one firm.  At Square Deal, our team of designers are on staff to meet with clients, discuss budgets and interior design and bring the project to the production phase.  Once the project is ready to build, our project management and construction crew oversee the project from dust protection and demolition to final cleanup and punchlist.  All along the way the client is involved and advised on the status of the project to ensure complete satisfaction.

We are designers.  We are builders.  Together we are remodelers.

With design/build you get:


Single point responsibility for the project.  From initial design through the end of the project the design/build firm is your representative and agent with complete control over the project.


With design/build, the responsibility for errors or omissions is taken on by the design/build firm and not the client.

Cost savings

The design/build team takes care of estimating, planning, scheduling, sub-contractors, and construction all under one umbrella, saving the client time and money.


Our process involves a detailed contract document that specifically describes all details of the project from start to finish.  This document is both the contract to the client as well as the work order for personnel in the field, including sub-contractors.  This allows clarity in understanding who is responsible for what, how it will be done, and where.

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