Using Interior Design Software for a Home Remodel

There is an app for that.

There is an app for everything, from accounting to Zen meditation. It’s no surprise that there is software for interior design.

Some interior design software is very technical and used by trained professionals, while others are more accessible to the average consumer. The good news is that there is likely a software option that you and your family can use to get a good idea of how your home remodel will look once it is complete.

This post will describe how software can facilitate your home remodel.

Powerful Solution

With the interior design software, you will be able to create mockups and save them to review later.

Software will allow you to play around with the design of your home, and test out different remodeling options. You can move walls, move built-ins, and asses how furniture will fit into a space.

Some packages will let you see a 3-dimensional rendering of a 2-dimensional set of plans. Once you design your basic floor plan, you can then dress up the interior with built-in cabinets, your favorite paint on the walls, and even see how your furniture will fit in.

User Friendly and Accessible

You can purchase software to load onto your computer, or you can opt to use an online option.

There are many powerful tools out there, such as Sweet Home 3D which is touted as an accessible and user-friendly option for even the least tech-savvy. These online tools are fully featured and will leave nothing to the imagination.

The software will allow you do a virtual walkthrough, so you can get the real feel of what your remodel will be like once the sawdust has settled. You can even place furniture in your virtual rooms, and these packages come with an extensive library to enable up-close and personal renditions of your home in the latest, best version possible.


If you are considering working with an interior design software package, discuss this with your interior designer or your home remodeling contractor. They may have a program they recommend for clients, one that they use, or one that is compatible with their services.

When you use compatible technology, you can share your ideas and collaborate more easily. The software will enable you to open a dialogue with your contractors that can enable you to clearly communicate your ideas and then benefit from their expertise all the more. When you can show exactly what you expect from a final result, there will be no confusion later.

Do you have an interior design software that works for you? Feel free to share your story in the comments below. If you are seeking a professional home remodeling company in the Portland area, contact Square Deal Remodeling. You can view our portfolio or read our highly-rated Houzz reviews, too.