How You Can Remodel a Garage into a Living Space

This garage was remodeled into a yoga studio.Adding value to your home isn’t just about increasing its resale price. It can also be about making it more functional and enjoyable. To do that requires taking stock of which parts of your home are under-utilized and what features are missing that will enhance your lifestyle. Usually, the most neglected area of our homes is the garage.

Right now, your garage might be a junk storage locker or a mess of crafts. But with these tips, you can remodel it into a living space you’ll actually enjoy. First, we’ll talk about what you need to know to remodel a garage into a living space. hen we’ll show you 4 fantastic garage remodel ideas for inspiration.


What You Need to Remodel a Garage into a Living Space

There’s a bit more that you need to do to remodel a garage into a living space than you might think. Your garage may already have some of these improvements, so it’s important to talk to a dedicated home addition contractor to get an accurate estimate. For our purposes, we’ll imagine a garage that needs the works:

1. Insulation

Insulation is key to making your garage comfortable, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest. Insulating the walls and ceiling are standard, but did you know that you might also need to insulate your floor? This may require raising your floor to allow room for insulating materials below. If you’re considering new floors for your garage, this would be a great opportunity to install them.

2. Electrical Wiring

Most garages will have a minimal amount of electrical wiring available. If the intent of your newly remodeled garage will be more casual, you might be perfectly fine. But if you want to make it a dedicated living space, you’ll want to consider adding more outlets. This may also entail upping your home’s power capacity with your electrical provider.

3. Heating and Cooling

Again, this will be crucial to making your garage remodel a comfortable living space. Adding heating will also legally increase the square footage of your home, which will significantly boost its value. Along with electrical requirements, heating and cooling will require a duct system or the installation of ductless HVAC.

4. Replacing Garage Doors and Adding Windows

To make your remodeled garage truly feel like a new living space, you’ll need to remove the garage door and seal the wall. You’ll also want to add windows around the walls to allow natural light inside.

5. Additions

Depending on the vision you have of your new space, you may also want to consider an addition. A second story, for example, will provide an extra area for lodging, crafts, or storage. You can also add a tad more headroom to allow for a loft space that overlooks the rest of your remodeled garage.

Optional: Bathroom (but be careful)

Bathrooms are a logical addition when remodeling your garage into a living space. However, it is often far easier said than done. If not already installed, plumbing can become a significant investment. And on top of that, configuring a sewer line appropriate for a toilet can also be costly.

Although quite expensive, you must also factor in your return on investment in the long-run. Increasing the square footage of your home can significantly increase its value, and renting out the new space can recoup your cost over time as well.


Think of Garage Remodel Ideas

Now that you know what it takes to remodel a garage into a living space, it’s time to choose what you want your space to be! Here are some excellent ideas:

Accessory Dwelling Unit

You can’t go wrong with an ADU. Whether you want to grow your family, rent it out, or simply have the space available for visitors, an accessory dwelling unit will boost the functionality of your home. For this idea, consider adding a kitchen suite, bathroom, and an addition to allow for a separate bedroom.

Yoga Studio

Portlanders love their yoga –so why not bring the benefits of a studio to your home? This straightforward garage remodel idea will require plenty of open space, cabinets for storing equipment, and even a separate area for lounging or crafts. And of course, plenty of windows will allow you to experience the serenity of nature.

Craft Workshop

If you’re a craftsman or maker at heart, a comfortable workshop will be a worthy improvement. Make sure to organize your layout to allow room for a work bench, storage, or space for the machines that your craft requires. You might also consider adding a bathroom to avoid tracking debris inside your home after long hours of work.

Children’s Playroom

If your family is growing or you’re looking to entertain grandchildren, a dedicated playroom is an excellent idea. Not only will it allow your kids to have fun even during poor weather, but it’ll also make your home much quieter. Your remodel will require open space, areas of soft flooring, and of course, fun play equipment such as ropes, bars, chalkboards, and mats.


Ready to turn your old garage into a living space you’ll love? Contact the professional Portland remodelers at Square Deal Remodeling for advice or to schedule a time to build a quote.